Alongside our tailored investment portfolios, Quotidian offer two multi-asset professional investor funds.




Quotidian Growth Fund




Quotidian Balanced Fund




FTSE 100




MSCI World




* The Quotidian Balanced Fund launched on 30th September 2013


The Quotidian Growth Fund

Our flagship fund, The Quotidian Growth Fund, is almost 100% invested in equities (although if market conditions warrant the Fund can also hold cash).


The Quotidian Balanced Fund

The Quotidian Balanced Fund will typically hold between 30% and 70% of the Fund invested in low risk bonds and similar products with the balance invested in equities.


To receive the offering memorandum and supplementary document for either the Quotidian Growth Fund or the Quotidian Balanced Fund, please contact us directly.


Any and all reference to The Quotidian Growth Fund is reference to the Quotidian – Master Sub-Fund.
Similarly any and all reference to The Quotidian Balanced Fund is reference to the Quotidian – Balanced Sub-Fund.
Both funds are sub funds of The Quotidian Fund PCC Plc, established in the Isle of Man as a Specialist Fund under the Isle of Man Collective Investment Schemes (Specialist Fund) Regulations 2010. For full information and disclaimer please click here.